Learn to Kiteboard

Our beginner kitesurfing lessons offer the fastest and safest way to learn kitesurfing. Our lessons teach you the basics of kitesurfing all the way up to the riding stage and beyond. All our lessons are conducted using the lastest kitesurfing equipment.waterspots oman

Kitesurfing does not require strength or for one to be super fit, but one must know how to swim and one must not mind the possibility of getting a face-full of water! We can teach people from the age of 12 up to 70 years old.

Our courses

8 hours of beginner lessons (full course taught in a small group) - 152 OMR each

Private 1 hour lessons - 35 OMR / hour

Group lesson for 1 hour - 25 OMR

All courses are payable on the beach

What you will learn

You will learn everything you need to know in order to become a confident kiteboarder. You will learn how to set up the equipment correctly and safely, how to control and fly the kite, how to body drag in the water and how to retrieve a board, how to stand up on the board and ride.

watersports oman
water sports oman
kiteboarding Muscat

What you need to bring

Sun glasses, sun cream, swimming clothes and a bottle of water. We provide the rest of the equipment (shoes, rashtops, kite equipment, etc

How we work

We are extremely flexible with our teaching hours, so if you are working during the week, or just here on holiday, we are able to arrange lessons to fit your schedule.

After signing up for lessons, every student will receive a text message with wind updates, so you will know when it is windy for lessons. Our qualified instructors will be with you and guide you step by step through your course to help you gain experience and confidence while progressing safely.

Kite surfing is a safe sport if conducted correctly and taught by experienced professionals. We are proud to say that all our instructors are highly experienced and qualified kite surfing instructors who will insure you get the most out of your kite surfing experience because we care.

Tel: +968 94 006 007

Email: info @kitesurfing-lessons.com

watersports oman
water sports oman
kiteboarding Muscat